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Every week, the three of us–Joy, Camden, and Taylor–each write an honest review for a book, movie, or tv show that’s recently caught our interest. Feel free to check out our posts, comment, like, and/or follow our blog at any time! 🙂


About Us

Joy’s name is exactly who she is, a joyful person. Her interests include contemporary and dystopian novels and movies. Her favorite book series is Divergent and her favorite movie is Back to the Future. She really loves indie music and introducing people to new ideas, music, and ways of thinking.

Joy’s Goodreads 

Taylor loves books and music. She cannot choose a favorite book, but she loves re-tellings and all things fantasy. Her favorite authors include V. E. Schwab, Melina Marchetta, Laini Taylor, and George R. R. Martin. Her favorite movie is The Breakfast Club. She loves all genres of music–mostly alternative, punk, indie, and whatever you can consider twenty one pilots (her favorite band). |-/ She also runs another book blog, which you can find here.

Taylor’s Goodreads

Camden enjoys mermaids and stories of all kind, although she reads, writes, and watches mostly fantasy books, movies, and TV shows. Myths and fairytales have always been a passion of hers! While she isn’t as diverse in her music tastes as Joy or Taylor, she does love a good Broadway, country, or Christian song. Check out her stories here.

Camden’s Goodreads


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