The Last Five Years

Rating: 5/5 stars

If you love musicals, Anna Kendrick, and amazing, untypical love stories, this is the perfect musical-to-movie for you to watch. It is basically my all time favorite musical on Netflix and its wonderful and spectacular and I feel like I’m just rambling so let me just get into the review…

The Last Five Years follows the story of Jamie and Cathy’s relationship over the past five years (well duh). This includes their first night together, their marriage, and their breakup.

Yes, I said breakup. Honestly, only watch this is you are ready to cry.

The rather interesting thing about this movie however is that the story does not go in chronological order. It actually starts with their break-up and ends with the night after they meet. The juxtaposition of each scene is fascinating. It brings you from laughing till you cry to crying till you laugh.

Not only that, but the music itself is beautiful and varied. There is a song for every scenario (trust me, I would know- I’ve been listening to this playlist nonstop for the past week) and everything is composed wonderfully. The finale song, “Goodbye Until Tomorrow/ I Could Never Rescue You” is an amazing duet. I made it through the entire 1.5 hours and then this song played and… well, let’s just say my tissue box became a little lighter in those 7 minutes.

Needless to say, this musical is worth the watch (or listen).

Find the music here:



And the full movie here:





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