The Geography of You and Me

My Rating: 3.3 /5

The Geography of You and Me

As it is February, the month of love, I figure it’s only fair that I write a review on one of the biggest contemporary authors in the community. 

Oh Jennifer E. Smith!

This is the 3rd of Smith’s books that I’ve read and after having some exposure to her writing style, It’s become clear what her books are gonna be like when you pick them up.

In this one, Smith tells the story of 2 apartment tenants who meet in a NYC elevator while the power is out in the entire city. During the blackout the two tenants, Owen and Lucy, embark on a romantic night talking for what seems like hours walking the streets of New York and they create a friendship that with time could grow into something bigger.

But what the pair fails to mention to one another is that that by the end of week, they will both be moving out of the building and living on two different continents.

For the duration of the novel, Lucy and Owen will send each other short written postcards filled with funny inside jokes and the usual “wish you were here” until the day where they see each other again.

Jennifer E. Smith has a way of writing where she creates an idealistic romantic bubble for her characters where everything seems to work out in the end.

And for its nice for a bit. The Geography of You and Me tells it’s story, there’s a bit of conflict, and in the end it has that “red bow on top ending” leaving you satisfied and with a heartwarming smile.

The only ripples the characters seem to face are their inner demons. Owen must face his unstable home life and how he will move on in life with the loss of his mother. Lucy experiences life on a new continent and leaving the one place she could call home.

Their really isn’t much to complain about in the book. It’s perfect for those of us who love resolved endings and to the point love stories.

It’s cute. It’s sweet. It’s a fun, good read for anyone who needs some stability after reading a very intense book or going through a rough patch in life.


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