The Way Way Back

The Way Way Back

My Rating: 6/5 (yes you read that correctly)

We’ve all been there.

And we absolutely have.

The Way Way Back tells the story of a shy 14 year old boy who spends the summer with his divorced mother, her verbally abusive boyfriend, and his stereotypical beach bum teenage daughter.

While trying to escape the abuse of Trent and his neglectful mother, Duncan stumbles upon the staff of Water Wizz, the local water park, and their extroverted and quick-witted leader, Owen who takes Duncan “under his wing” for the summer and teaches him things about himself and his childish insight on life.

Written and directed by Nathan Faxon and Jim Rash (Community), The Way Way Back is perfect for all audiences, Young Adult and actual Adult.

The perfection that is this movie resides within Duncan, the lead. He’s socially awkward, not really trying to find his place in the world (he’s more of a wanderer). The movie introduces you to Duncan as a teen just trying to survive the summer.

Most people identify with Duncan in the sense that his awkwardness describes who we are now or who we were way, way back when we were all young teenagers. We all had that point of our lives when we honestly just lose our grip of life’s direction and want to give up. It sure doesn’t help when their was also our own personal Trent making life worse than it already is. 

Being a young adult is hard! Between the expectations of our parents and pressures of society and friends- It’s hard, don’t ever try to convince yourself that you’re doing it wrong because truth be told none of us know what we’re doing; their isn’t a rulebook or code that teaches us how to have the best life. But soon enough, we’ll meet somebody (or even somebodies) that help us to be more comfortable in our own skin and to be ourselves.

The Way Way Back is a perfect depiction of being just a little off in our teenage years and taking pride in our inner weirdness and not letting life’s “Trent’s” getting in the way of our happiness- because in the end, even the three’s in life deserve to be happy.

^^ See the movie and you’ll understand.


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