For the next few weeks or so, I will be reviewing all the DC Shows as they are basically what I watch on Netflix nowadays. Each show will be graded 1-5 on costumes, setting, character, plot, and backstories (as we all know that 99.9% of superhero shows and movies have a substantial backstory to them).

And, of course, we need to start with the first of the many, the crème of the crop, the cherry on top, the jewel of the dozen, the white sheep among the black, the pen among pencils (or pencils among pens, depending on which one you prefer), the notification that beats all other notifications.


SUMMARY: Arrow is a show about this young- I’d say mid-20’s at my best guess, although I’m horrible with ages- handsome man named Oliver Queen who gets trapped on an island for 5 years after his boat crashes while he is having an affair with his girlfriend’s sister. Needless to say, crazy stuff goes down on that island and it ends with him coming back a changed man very closed off to the world, yet very determined to “save his city.” In Starling City, where he and his family lives, he goes back to his normal, past-life of living as the wealthy son of a billionaire; however, at nights he sneaks off to stop those who are ruing his city, puncturing them with an arrow.

COSTUMES: The costumes in the show are actually quite fantastic. Each one shows the character’s personality and the progression of them over the timeline of the show, Thea’s costume change being the most brilliant. It was subtly altered as she herself altered. Made it very natural.

However, there were some characters, like Laurel and Sara, whose outfits I was not necessarily convinced on. They didn’t really seem to match the personalities/ socioeconomic status of either character.

For this, I give costumes a 4.2/5.

SETTING: The setting is truly one of the most interesting parts of the show. Sure, it gets old at times as the main places are the workplace, the living space, the island, and the lair, but every now and then it is switched up and that is cool. The lair is obviously my favorite setting as it has so much potential to grow, and it does. Almost every season or so, the lair is updated in some way. It’s super cool to see it expand and fluctuate as the Arrow team changes.

I found nothing wrong with the settings, except for the fact that I wanted more. However, this would mean a bigger budget and a reason to have more settings. They do very well with what they have.

I give setting a 4.8/5.

CHARACTER: The characters are amazing. When I first started watching Arrow, I thought that the whole “rich boy has a change of heart’ was too cliché, but as Oliver was developed alongside the other characters, they branched out of that realm. It is cool to see the characters interact with each other and to see their relationships grow, especially Oliver with , well, everyone. Plus, DC isn’t afraid to make a character disappear or to make them die which always keeps me on my toes.

However, sometimes I felt as though some of the characters were too perfect or too tragic or too dramatic in general. Realistically, a lot of people never dealt with the issues these characters dealt with, or at least on such a level as they do. It severs the connection to the characters, but it also helps remind you that they are just characters in a TV show when something happens to them. It gives you no excuse to cry or yell at the screen basically.

I give character a 4/5.

PLOT: Again, the plot is really thought out. Although very unrealistic, it is super intriguing and it makes you wonder if anything is safe. I tend to get tired of shows that have the superhero dealing with the same or a similar problem that they are dealing with in their normal life, sorta like what Glee does with songs, but Arrow doesn’t do this, most times. I mean, it always connects, but normally on a more hidden level that you don’t realize till a few episodes later when the pieces all click together. Although still, sometimes it just seems a little too forced for me.

I give plot a 4.3/5.

BACKSTORIES: Okay, let me be really honest here. The backstories are literally the best. They are so well thought out and flow naturally enough to make each transition seem normal. Each year on the island, in the backstories, correlates with a season of Arrow. (Yes, I know that Oliver spent only 5 years on the island and we are now reaching our last season. Yes, I am totally freaking out about what they will do now.) Although at times, they seemed a little too forced, as in the backstories almost jump to match whatever Oliver is dealing with at the moment. They do flow nicely for the most part though, or at least the jumps in each backstory aren’t too sudden. Each backstory gives more detail and clarity to the present, which is what, in my opinion, backstories should be used for.

I give backstories a 4.9/5.









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