For the next few weeks or so, I will be reviewing all the DC Shows as they are basically what I watch on Netflix nowadays. Each show will be graded 1-5 on costumes, setting, character, plot, and backstories (as we all know that 99.9% of superhero shows and movies have a substantial backstory to them).

For my second review, I will be doing the wonderful, the only one for me- Barry Allen *cough* I mean Flash. To see my first DC review, Arrow, click here.

SUMMARY: Flash is the story of a boy in his early 20’s named Barry Allen who is obsessed with the mysterious murder of his mother when he was a young child. His dad was framed for the crime, but Barry knows it was someone else- a red streak- who killed his mom. Of course, he has no proof of this. So, as one would do, he decides to become a crime specialist and help other cases get solved, all while looking for answers to his moms case. Iris, an aspiring news reporter who is basically Barry’s adopted sister as her dad was the one who took Barry in after the murder, is Barry’s all time crush and best friend. She is the ultimate girl next door, except more girl down the hall. He keeps jumping in and out of nerve to confess his feelings to her, when he gets hit by accelerator particles from an explosion at STAR Labs and becomes a comatose patient. When he wakes up, everyone has changed, as in Iris has a boyfriend and he can now run way faster than the normal human. Oh, and some other bad people also got crazy effected by the explosion.

COSTUMES: The costumes throughout the show are pretty intriguing, but honestly, not as personality-revealing as costumes from, say, Arrow. I mean, I liked them, especially the costumes of the supervillains, but there was never a moment where I really was in aw of their design.

I give costumes a  3/5.

SETTING: I love the setting. What’s super cool about the Flash setting is that is expands and has mysterious of its own (almost like Oliver’s island), but is still realistic as a setting. Nothing seems to be put in to advance the plot, but rather planned and briefly shown throughout the show to give clues at the bigger picture.

Although, sometimes I want to see something else besides STAR Labs, Barry’s house, or the coffee shop.

I give setting a 4.9/5.

CHARACTER: I love the characters in this show. Okay, I love the way these characters are in this show. Maybe its just my inner nerd, but the fact that Barry is a total crime geek, as are the people at STAR Labs to superheroes, is super interesting to me. Sometimes the characters seem a little too stock, as in the people I expect to be together end up together, but then DC mixes it all up by making them die or by making them move on. Sometimes both.

I give character a 5/5.

PLOT: I love the plot, no matter how complicated it is. I like that there is never a point when I fully understand where people are coming from or why something happened, but that keeps it intriguing. I like how actions are made and then described later in the episode or season. I’m just afraid DC is relying too much on plot to make the show interesting.

I give plot a 4.6/5.

BACKSTORIES: Okay, so there aren’t many backstories in Flash (at least not nearly as much as Arrow), but the ones that are there are cool. And the great part about Flash is that the backstories can change… you’ll understand that at the end of the first season.

I give backstories a 4.5/5.




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